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Sonophoretic model in dolphin assisted therapy

The dolphin therapy arouses a great interest in the whole world, since it causes analgesic effects, removal of depression, and improvement of learning abilities of the children suffering from autism. There are confirmations of changes in activity of cerebrum on account of improvement of hemispheres' slow waves synchronization

The phenomenon of sonophoresisThe phenomenon of sonophoresis is very important in our method of the dolphin therapy.

Sonophoresis — is the increasing of enzymes' and special hormones' stream, penetrating through cells' membranes as the result of cavitation under the influence of ultrasound. Sonophoresis (as a result of dolphin's ultrasonic echolocation influence) causes positive chemical and electrical changes in organisms of our patients.

Ultrasound has been used in medicine and physiotherapy more than for 40 years and causes a mechanical influence effect: ultrasound makes a massage on cellular level, improving penetrability of cellar membranes and allowing positive active ingredients to penetrate inside the skin much better. Moreover, there's an effect called «cavitation», when, owing to mutual friction of cells, the gases contained inside them volatilize.

cavitationBecause of a high concentration of energy, the cavitation improves the depolymerization of macromolecules, improving intercellular metabolism and liquid circulation. There are thermal and chemical effects of sonophoresis; ultrasound drives away the liquid in stagnant zones, contributing to the more effective and faster drainage of tissues. Moreover, the dolphin's echolocation has an analgesic effect.

Intensive ultrasonic waves, appearing in the result of the dolphin's echolocation, produce special zones on the water surface, where microbubbles about 100 microns in diameter are formed. these bubbles exist not more than a microsecond, warming up to 5.500 °C on account of a great inner pressure (this is almost equal to the Sun's surface temperature).

Observing the behaviour of dolphins during the therapeutic contacts with people shows, that, when a person is in water on his back, the dolphin is situated nearby, orientating its echolocation beam in the line of cranium. At a short distance the dolphin concentrates the echolocation beam on the backbone of the patient. At the distance less than 0.5 m. the dolphin uses repeating every 2.5 sec. impulses with frequency of 500 Hz. Dolphin's echolocation, before touching patient's skin, pierces the water column, which is high-performance sphere for sound passing (60 times more effective than the air).

The dolphinPhysiological effect of contact between people and dolphins is characterized by mutual changes in bioelectric activity of the cerebrum. The mechanism of this influence is thoroughly studied by scientists from different countries. Some of them speak of cerebral-hormonal mechanism of influence, there are a lot of electrical-physiological illustrations of endorphine basis of this effect.Using the sonophoretic model, specialists of the Institute of Dolphin Assisted Therapy analyze ultrasonic echolocation and use the healing power of the dolphin's ultrasonic sonar effectively during the dolphin therapy seances.

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