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Dolphin therapy — the terms of the treatment

Dolphin therapyThe dolphin therapy is carried out for children after 2 years old and adults.

A course of the dolphin therapy consists of 7-10 seances during not less than 14 days. It's carried out from March till November.

A needed skill for the dolphin therapy is presence of minimal experience of being in water (since the absence of this experience makes the terms of the therapy much longer). In any case, a child puts on a swimming life jacket, it's better to take your one, in which the child feels comfortable and which he's accustomed to.

The main diseases and disfunctions treated with the dolphin therapy:

Dolphin therapy
  • cerebral spastic infantile paralysis;
  • premature infantile autism;
  • Down's syndrome and other genetic pathologies;
  • minimal cerebral disfunction or the syndrome of deficiency of the attention with hyperactivity;
  • functional disorders of central nervous system;
  • mental deficiency (except deep stages), logopathy and hearing disfunction;
  • sensorineural deafness;
  • neuroses, posttraumatic stressful disorders;
  • depressive disfunctions of non-endogenous nature (subdepressive level);
  • derangements of memory, learning ability disfunctions.

Dolphin therapy — contra-indications:

  • epilepsy;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • standard contra-indications of sanatorium-and-spa institution.

Dolphin therapy and other therapeutic methods

  • therapeutic swimming with dolphins;
  • psychotherapy, also family psychotherapy;
  • phototherapy;
  • vibroacoustic therapy;
  • binaural psychostimulation;
  • reflex therapy;

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