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Dolphin therapy as a method

Dolphin therapy (Dolphin AssistedTherapy), according to worked out method of treatment, is a medical-psychological complex consisting of diagnostic and correctional parts. The basis of the method is the «sonophoretic model», when the dolphin acts as a natural ultrasonic sonar and a positive stimulation of patient's CNS and organs takes place.

Only our dolphin therapy course has a special hydrophone control of the dolphin's sonar influence on the patient, which allows to carry out a directional, dosated and high-performance treatment.

Dolphin therapyThe dolphin therapy carried out according to our method showed good results by treatment of various CNS-pathologies, autism, Down's syndrome, sensorineural deafness of deep level.

A great effectiveness was achieved during the treatment of the patients with psychotraumas: victims of catastrophes, critical incidents, children-hostages.

However, the maximal effectiveness of the dolphin therapy method is displayed during the treatment of diseases connected with functional disorders of different organism's systems, metabolic imbalance, psychosomatic disfunctions, that makes the method suitable for rehabilitation treatment.

Dolphin therapyThe system of medical-psychological rehabilitation, contact of the child and dolphin (as the co-therapist) are very important components of our dolphin therapy method.

The dolphin therapy is carried out according to the intensive scheme: 14 - 20 days of everyday seances, including (depending on the will of the parents) other therapy methods.

Dolphin therapy

The kinds of used therapies:

  • thalassotherapy, kinetic therapy;
  • psychotherapy and psychology of contacts;
  • physiotherapy;
  • ultrasonic therapy with the help of dolphin's natural sonar

Interaction with the dolphin allows to stimulate psychological and physical development of the child.

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