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Mediterranean base of dolphin therapy,
Kusadasi, Turkey.

Mediterranean base of dolphin therapy. Kusadasi, TurkeyThe dolphin therapy in combination with modern rehabilitation technologies is carried out in the city of Kusadasi (Turkey, Izmir), in the base «Ada Land». The program «Dolphin therapy at the Mediterranean Sea» has been carried out since July 2001.

Mediterranean base of dolphin therapy. Kusadasi, TurkeyAt the dolphin therapy base in Kusadasi treated the following diseases and disfunctions:

  • cerebral spastic infantile paralysis;
  • premature infantile autism;
  • Down's syndrome and other genetic pathologies;
  • minimal cerebral disfunction or the syndrome of deficiency of the attention with hyperactivity;
  • functional disorders of central nervous system;
  • mental deficiency (except deep stages), logopathy and hearing disfunction;
  • sensorineural deafness;
  • neuroses, posttraumatic stressful disorders;
  • depressive disfunctions of non-endogenous nature (subdepressive level);
  • derangements of memory, learning ability disfunctions.

Dolphin therapy in Kusadasi, TurkeyAt the base of dolphin therapy in the resort Kusadasi all the climate factors of the Mediterranean Sea are enabled: warm and mild climate, clear sea water, unique landscapes.

The dolphin therapy on the Turkish Riviera is carried out with the participation of the high-qualified trainers from CIS with specially trained dolphins, the whole staff (medical and trainer) is Russian-speaking.

In the Mediterranean region it is the first and the single center of the dolphin therapy.

The base in Kusadasi is the single one at the Mediterranean Sea, where the dolphins participate in specialized scientific researches and programs.

Dolphin therapy base location:mapquestKusadasi (Turkey, Izmir)

Weather in KusadasiGISMETEO.RU

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Black Sea base of the dolphin therapy

Black Sea base of the dolphin therapy. Yevpatoriya, CrimeaThe base is situated on the Donuzlav lake, 30 km distant from popular child's resort of Yevpatoriya.

Black Sea base of the dolphin therapy. Yevpatoriya, CrimeaWarm shallow waters of the bay and traditional curative climate factors of this resort in combination with different sanatorium-and-spa treatment make the base on the isle Donuzlav especially popular.

Black Sea base of the dolphin therapy. Yevpatoriya, CrimeaThe patients are delivered to the dolphin therapy by bus. The base has a comfortable beach and a cafe.

At the yevpatorian base were rehabilitated hundreds of patients, both children and adults.One dolphin is kept in a natural area of water.

Dolphin therapy base location:mapquestYevpatoriya, The Crimea

Weather in YevpatoriyaGISMETEO.RU

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