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The Institute of Dolphin Assisted TherapyThe Institute of Dolphin Assisted Therapy was established in 2003 with the participation of experts from Ukraine, Russia, the USA and Germany.

The method of the dolphin therapy arouses a great interest of mass media. Many of them narrated about the work of the Institute, among them: Russian NTV, ОRТ, ТV-6, VID (program «View»), French «Antenne-3», German ZDF and Hessen Rundfunk, English BBC and American NBC, «TV Tokyo» and others. A lot of publications appeared in the press of CIS: «Argumenty I facty», «Izvestiya», «Zhenskoye zdorovje», «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and others.

Reporter of BBC Steven Rosenberg tells about our work with the children suffering from hearing impairment.

DolphinariumIn September 1999 the staff of the Institute determined patent priorities and the Institute received a patent for «Method of ultrasonic therapy treatment with the help of controlled dolphin sonar's emission».

Dolphin therapyThe main diseases and disfunctions treated with the dolphin therapy:

  • cerebral spastic infantile paralysis;
  • premature infantile autism;
  • Down's syndrome and other genetic pathologies;
  • minimal cerebral disfunction or the syndrome of deficiency of the attention with hyperactivity;
  • functional disorders of central nervous system;
  • mental deficiency (except deep stages), logopathy and hearing disfunction;
  • sensorineural deafness;
  • neuroses, posttraumatic stressful disorders;
  • depressive disfunctions of non-endogenous nature (subdepressive level);
  • derangements of memory, learning ability disfunctions.

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